• GMD 24.000 group of 4 people / 6.000 each
  • GMD 20.000 group of 2 people / 5.000 each

For questions in German

2 days
birdwatching at

Pick up will be early in the morning and  we taxi 4 hours to ” Tendaba Camp”.

You can check in your room (standard) and relax in the hottest time of the day.

We organize your boat in the evening and very early in the morning too.

Next day we return.

On our way home we stop at ” Tendaba Airfield “ too  for a second impression.
Do you know this information?  ” species recorded at Tendaba “

included:                                         you need:
– transfer                                              – breakfast box from your hotel

– WIFI on board                                 – lunch at Tendaba
-bottle of water                                   – dinner at Tendaba
-standard room for 2                         – lunch the second day
incl. breakfast                                     – money for little things
– boat trip                                            – your camera
(afternoon + morning)                     – sun protection