• GMD 16.000 group of 4 people / 4000 each
  • GMD 10.000 group of 2 people / 5000 each

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Discover the border to Casamance

Kartong / Halahin River / Niafrang / Tilibo-Horizons-Lodge

We will pick you up at your hotel after breakfast.

The ride will go to the south. Our first destination will be Kartong. You can relax and watch the nature while your driver is moving slowly on a covered street to the last village before the border to Senegal will come.

Our fist stop will be at the beautiul and lifely place of the border to Senegal at the Halahin River. While our driver organisizes the boot, you will have the chance to strole around this lovely place. You can have a look at the offers from the fishermen in their nice baskets or watch what the farmers wifes are offering. We will have a drink before we start with our boat trip.

We will have a shadow of an umbrella on our boat and the owner of the boat will paddle us down the river direction to the ocean……. If we are lucky, we would see different birds. You will see Pelican, Cormoran, King Fischer, big familys of crabs, monkeys and jumping fish. Sometimes there are women picking shells and you can have a look on the mangroves and the oysters on their roots. We will follow the rive for nearly 1 hour and enjoy the nature on the banks of the river and the sound of the music made by birds, wind and water.

A short walk through the mangroves will bring us to the most north lodge of Casamance. Our host there will serve the best bessap you will find all over the world. After that we will continue our walk. On both sides on our way you will see rice fields an waterlily. After roundabout 15 minutes we will arrive in Niafrang. Niafrang is well known for a hugh old tree. Take your time, sit down under the tree and listen to the music made by nature and may be you can hear a fairy tail told by the tree. If you need more movement you are allowed to stroll around the village. There is a local artist where you can have a look at his work. The way back to the lodge is found easyly. Take your time discover Casamace.

At the lodge there is nice food and a drink waiting for you. The hottest time of the day you can relax in the from big trees well shadowed area of the lodge.

In the afternoon, we will start from there with a short walk to the place where the river is changing into the ocean. You can have a look on the most south point of the Gambia.

Our boot is waiting for us. The next hour you can feel the wind of the atlantic ocean on your skin while gliding softly through the water. One side dunes and on the other side mangrowes.

Our skipper always has more paddles on board. If you want, you are welcome to support him paddling home.

At the end of our trip our car will bring you safely home to your hotel.

included:                                               you will need:
-bottle of water                                        – very good sun protection for your skin
-softdrink                                                  – a hat to protect your head
-bessap                                                      – some money to buy little things
-lunch and softdrink                                 or more drinks than offered
– WIFI in the car